Experience the next generation of Utility that rewards you for participating in the ecosystem and game.

Read about Sombra’s roadmap, partnerships and culture here in our darkpaper. At Sombra we are experts in digital content creation and high level design. We work with top level global brands and creators and are helping connect the world to web 3.

SMBR token is available from PancakeSwap, Apeswap, SombraSwap, and soon more. We recommend you use Trust Wallet or Metamask for the best possible user experience. SMBR is meant to be used ONLY as a utility token on the Sombra game platform and to trade goods inside the marketplace.

Safety is paramount in the wild west of blockchain and web 3 dapps. Sombra strives for the highest level of safety for our users and have partnered with HashEx, a blockchain audit and cyber security firm to review all smart contracts as well as infrastrucure.

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Sombra utilizes the latest visual effects and motion capture technology available. We are always pushing the boundaries.


Sombra takes user safety as a top priority and has taken every step psosible to ensure smart contract security and continued upgrades.


Sombra and SMBR are leading the way in innovative thinking and creative solutions. We are story tellers, creators, artists and entrepreneurs.


SMBR is a community driven token based on rewards and utility. SMBR will be used in conjunction with BNB and ETH on our marketplace and metaverse content at $50 million marketcap to buy and sell NFTs, subscribe to new reward tiers and more.

6% Tax on Every Transaction

3% Sent to Locked Liquidity

3% Redistributed to all SMBR Holders






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Brendan Oneil
staff image

Founder / CEO

staff image

Monika Cara
staff image

Head of Community

staff image

Michal Finegold
staff image

Partner / Lead Software Developer

staff image

Demian Gordon
staff image

Partner / Head of Mocap

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Chris W

Lead Blockchain developer

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David Jin

Lead Front end / Web 3 developer

staff image

Kait Johnson
staff image

Charity Coordinator

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Gene Nazarov
staff image

Creative Director

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Jason Mayo
staff image

Partner / Sales

staff image

Aron Baxter
staff image

Partner / Creative Director

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Senior Blockchain Supevisor

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Crypto Zin
staff image

Growth Agency

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Unit 256

Sombra ambassador


SMBR token trades on Quickswap (MATIC) and Pancakeswap + Apeswap (BSC). in each case you will need either MATIC or BEP-20 BNB. Once you have acquired the native token you are ready to purchase SMBR. Go to any of the previous mentioned exchanges and...

  1. Connect your web 3 wallet
  2. Set slippage to 7%
  3. Enter the amount of BNB or MATIC you want to swap
  4. Confirm Swap
  5. Confirm Web 3 transaction
  6. SMBR is now in your wallet

Please note you must have SMBR added to you wallet using the contract address:
BSC - 0x8ad8e9b85787ddd0d31b32ecf655e93bfc0747ef
POLYGON - 0x16B3E050e9e2f0Ac4f1BEA1b3E4fdc43d7f062Dd

Sombra Network does not control the price of SMBR and cannot guarantee any financial profits from purchasing SMBR. Please purchase SMBR at your own risk and understrand how to use web 3 applications prior to making any purchases.



NFTs will be sold in BNB/ETH until 50 million marketcap when the market becomes SMBR / ETH / BNB.

10% of every NFT sold goes back to the SMBR token and creates a buy order. This keeps the project on course for victory.

BNB is used here as the example


  • 80% to artist
  • 10% to Sombra
  • 10% to holders


  • 80% to Sombra
  • 10% to artist
  • 10% to holders

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